This walking route to the Malvern Hills will take you through Great Malvern, either past the shops or through the parks, and up to the Hills.

Starting from Great Malvern Station follow these instructions:

  1. Walk up the steps opposite the station entrance (to the right of this notice board) and diagonally across the green towards the right.
  2. As you walk across the green, you can see a big, grey, square building beyond the station.  This was the original stationmaster's house. You also get a lovely view of a very large Victorian building that is now a girl's school, Malvern St James.  This used to be the very grand Imperial Hotel in the Victorian days of the water cure.
  3. You will meet Avenue Road. On your right is a newsagents shop (Willows News). Immediately opposite you on the other side of the road, behind a brick wall, you can see the Edinburgh Dome.
  4. Turn left and walk up Avenue Road past grand Victorian houses typical of central Malvern. Many of the private residents who lived in Malvern in the late Vicatorian times would have retired from great cities or other parts of the empire.
  5. Pass Tibberton Road and then Albert Road South on your left.  Either side of the turning left into Albert Road South you can see the buildings which were Lawnside House. These buildings were a social centre during Malvern Festivals and saw Elgar and Bernard Shaw playing the piano together and discussing plans.
  6. Finally, you will reach Priory Road on your left.
  7. Now you must decide if you would like to walk through the parks and open spaces of Great Malvern to get to the Hills - click here for directions on the Parks route.  Alternatively, you could walk to the Malvern Hills via the centre of town and the shops - click here for directions on the Town route.

Click here to for a map of the Route to the Hills.

Click here for more information about Malvern.