This walking route to the Malvern Hills will take you through Great Malvern past the shops and up to the Hills.

  1. Walk through the gates of the Splash and up the ramp on the right of the entrance. This will take you into Priory Park. The Malvern Council House is straight in front of you.
  2. Take the path to the left along the white railings towards the enormous old tree. Follow the path under the tree to the black signpost. Walk straight on in the direction signed "Town Centre"
  3. Follow the path, keeping the pond and small waterfall on your left. You will see a large white building beyond the pond on your left, this is Malvern Theatres.
  4. Walk towards and then to the left of a cream building. Exit into the car park.
  5. On the right of the car park you will see the Coach House Theatre, which used to be stables for the big house (The Grange) next door. There are toilets on the left.
  6. Exit the car park onto Grange Road and turn right, following signs to the Town Centre.
  7. You will almost immediately come to a crossroads. Church Street, the central shopping street of Great Malvern, stretches to the left and right of you.
  8. To get to the Hills, turn left and walk up Church Street.
  9. Pass Great Malvern Priory on your left and then the Tourist Information Centre on your right.
  10. At the top of Church Street, the road bends round to the right. Cross the road and climb the steps directly in front of you onto Belle Vue Island.
  11. Here you will see information about Great Malvern, a statue of Elgar is to your right and then as you walk along the terrace to your left you will see an information board and then a waterspout called Malvhina.
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