This walking route will take you up to the Malvern Hills.

From the front of Great Malvern Priory:

  1. From the gateway on Church Street, walk along the path up and to the right, through the graveyard.
  2. Can you spot the grave of Anne, Darwin's daughter, as you pass through the churchyard? It is a small headstone with rounded top and a relatively clear inscription on it.
  3. Just before you reach the iron gates at the top of the graveyard, you will pass a medieval preaching cross on your left.
  4. Go through the gates and continue up hill through the alley to Wells Road.
  5. When you reach Wells Road, cross over the road and go up the steps immediately opposite you to Belle Vue Island. 
  6. Here you will see information about Great Malvern. A waterspout called Malvhina is at the top of the steps and then, further to your right, an information board and then a statue of Elgar.
  7. To see the walking directions to the hills from this point click here.

Click here to for a map of the route to the hills.

Click here for more information about Malvern