This walking route will take you through the beautiful parks and open spaces of Great Malvern up to the Malvern Hills.

  1. Walk left along the path towards the pond
  2. Cross over the bridge and proceed towards the large white building which is Malvern Theatres. Refreshments can be bought inside Malvern Theatres
  3. Follow the path to the left of the theatre 
  4. Continue walking through the park and exit next to the front of the theatre
  5. Cross the road and walk up the alleyway to the Priory Churchyard
  6. Walk through the churchyard to the front of Great Malvern Priory
  7. To continue the route to the hills from Great Malvern Priory click here

Click here to for a map of the Route to the Hills.

Click here for more information about Malvern