Recycling waste to reduce landfill is important, particularly in an area of outstanding national beauty with diverse wildlife and pressure on suitable sites to dispose of refuse.  Malvern Hills District Council currently collects household waste and recyclable waste on a weekly basis with different areas being collected on different days.  In 2010, a new recycling scheme was introduced which does not require so much segregation and sorting, and allows a wider range of plastic containers to be recycled.  This new scheme is turning out to be a success.  Items are processed at the new waste facility at Norton.

However, there are also numerous waste recycling points around the area for locals and visitors to use.  In particular, they also allow the recycling of glass which is not collected from homes.  Furthermore, for bulkier waste and specialist waste (such as fridges, oil, batteries, etc) there is a Household Waste Site near Malvern Link.  The Household Waste Site and the Waste Recycling Points are shown on the map below for your convenience.

Note that household alkaline batteries can also be recycled in shops that sell batteries - for example Argos.

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