The Malvern Museum of Local History is located in the Malvern Priory Gatehouse in the centre of Great Malvern.  It is a small museum, but has several rooms displaying key themes from Malvern's history, including the Victorian era, the water cure, the scientific achievements and the Malvern Hills.

Note that it is only open from March to October, and generally closed on Wednesday, so do check with them before planning a visit.

The Gate House was built in about 1085 but restored in 1891. The original structure did not have the battlements. It was also extended towards what is now Abbey Hotel and to the sides when it was refurbished. The building was originally half timbered and was the main entrance to the Priory's 40 acres of land.

Abbey road used to go all the way through this gatehouse but the stonework kept being damaged by high vehicles. You can see where the stonework has been mended around the arch. Eventually the road was closed off to protect the gatehouse from further damage.

If you walk down to the left of the gatehouse (facing towards the Abbey Hotel), you will see patterned bricks high up on the side of the gatehouse.  These are encaustic tiles made with local clay.

The little window in the gatehouse as you walk through would have been a porter's look-out to see who was knocking on the Priory gates. Also in the centre of the gatehouse you can see a large wooden door frame which is the original door stop and hinges.




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