The Obelisk at Eastnor is situated just west of the Malvern Hills. This 90ft monument can be seen for miles around and is accessible via walking past British Camp. Put up in 1812, (around the same time as Eastnor Castle) it is a monument for various distinguished members of the Somers Cocks family, with plaques written on each side of the Obelisk. It is currently a Grade 2 listed monument, meaning it is of special interest and every effort should be made to preserve it.

Some of the family members engraved on the monument include, John Somers, Lord Chancellor in 1700 who was an adviser to William III (William of Orange), and Philip James Cocks, who was an intelligence officer on Wellington’s staff and died during the siege of Burgos in the Penisular War in 1812. Afterwards his father, Earl Somers, would then go to commission Robert Smirke to build the obelisk (he was also the architect for Eastnor Castle).

Due to poor repairs in the 1970’s and damage over-time from natural causes, a fence was put up around the Obelisk as stone had begun to fall off. But, thanks to English Heritage and the Country Houses Foundation a grant was given to help cover the costs of the repairs.

Getting there: 

To get to the Obelisk you can start from British Camp car park, which is right next to Wynds Point and the Malvern Hills Hotel, follow the path up the hill toward the top of British Camp (there is also a path to go around the camp).

After reaching the peak, follow the path down Millennium Hill towards Hangman’s Hill and follow the path round where you will come across “Clutters Cave”. Local legend says that this cave used to belong to a giant, which has led to many locals calling it “The Giant’s Cave”. Although no sightings of a giant have been recorded, the cave itself was formed by a volcano erupting under the sea almost 600 million years, which was cooled by the cold sea water, allowing the rock to form.

After following the path down from the cave you will find Swinyard Hill, which follows the Shire Ditch all the way down to the road where you will see Swinyard car park. From here go west, away from the car park, past Gullet Quarry and through Gullet Wood, after which you will follow the path until you find metal fencing, go through the fence and the Obelisk won’t be far up the path.

Alternatively near the summit of Swinyard Hill you will find a circular way marker, from here you can go down into the woods and follow the path south west until you find a kissing gate. This leads you to the metal fencing and path that leads to the Obelisk.

On leaving the Obelisk, follow the path you came up back down to the metal fencing. From here you can either track back the way you originally came, or perhaps try the other way and experience more of the Malvern Hills.

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