Despite the good transport links to nearby large cities, the villages and towns that make up the Malverns and surround the Malvern Hills are very much in the countryside.  With isolated hill peaks, wooded glades, narrow country roads, mists, and softly glowing gas lamps, the surrounding area sometimes generates fascinating stories.

Haunted houses and ghosts

Ancient village churches, old farmhouses, quarries and prehistoric settlements all provide the ideal setting for tales of hauntings and resident ghosts in Malvern and the surrounding counties. The BBC has summarised some of the better known stories, including the legend of Mrs Dee's Rock on the Malvern Hills near Little Malvern, and there is a Ghost Walk in the nearby city of Worcester.

Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs)

With the vantage points of the hills and the secluded valleys and vistas as one descends, it is not surprising that people have reported strange flying objects around the area. 

Big cats at large

Alleged sightings of large cats such as Puma are a curious phenomenon of Great Britain, believed to have originated from animals that have escaped captivity.  A number of sightings have been reported in Herefordshire and Worcestershire in the sparsely populated countryside that surrounds the Malvern Hills, and the subject like those above attracts many points of view.

Hauntings and Ghosts

Books about UFOs