Worcestershire Beacon is technically a mountain and so with it comes the chance of increased snow it seems. The ridge of hills often divides the weather dramatically from west to east, and so there can sometimes be snow on one side with sun on the other.

Either way, it is best to be prepared for adverse weather, and particularly when driving.  The steep narrow roads around Malvern can often become impassible with a light snow fall or after a heavy frost.  Being high up and with portions staying in shade for long periods of time, the snow and ice can also take days to melt.


Tyre / Snow socks

Tyre socks or snow socks are very useful to have in the boot of your car in case you are caught in the snow trying to return home, or need to get away along an un-cleared road.  They are compact, high-friction fabric covers that you apply to the driven wheels of your car.  They come as a pair and are relatively easy to fit (especially compared to traditional snow chains).  Once they are hooked over most of your wheel, drive forward a foot or so and hook the rest over.  Then you can drive steadily on snow with much more grip, and even climb or descend hills.  Once you reach tarmac, they should be removed to avoid excessive wear.  Removal is also a quick process.

Snow socks fit a particular size of tyre, so you need to choose the correct one based on the dimensions printed on your tyre's wall.

Front wheel drive cars just need a pair for the front.  Rear wheel drive cars may do better with two sets because you need to maintain grip with the steering as well as the driven wheels.


Winter accessories