"...And on a May morning, on Malvern hills,
Strange fancies befell me, and fairy-like dreams.
I was weary of wand'ring, and went to repose
On a broad green bank, by a burn-side;..."

An excerpt from William Langland's poem Piers Plowman.  Written sometime in the late 1300's (between 1360 and 1390), it is regarded by many critics to be one of the earliest significant works of English literature.  Not much is known about the poet Langland, although the semi-autobiographical poem of Piers Ploughman provides many insights.

The translated text of the prologue is available here, and you can learn more about Langland's life and works at the International Piers Plowman Society and the Piers Plowman Electronic Archive.

Piers Plowman