George Mallory walked on the Malvern Hills in his teens, strangely the highest peaks he had climbed before taking up mountaineering in the Alps in the early 1900s and then the Himalayas.  He continued to walk on the hills whilst preparing for his Everest expeditions. His fateful ascent of Everest, with Andrew Irvine, was in 1924.  His body was discovered in 1999 on the slopes of Everest, and it is still debated whether he and Irvine had reached the summit before their tragic descent.

One documented occasion of Mallory walking near the Malvern Hills was when he climbed Bredon Hill with author and friend Aurthur Benson in April 1914. It is alleged that they left some coins hidden in a limestone boulder on the summit, surveyed the views and then descended.


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