Cher Lloyd became famous in the UK in late 2010 as the 17 year-old finalist on ITV's X Factor. Living with her family in Malvern Link, Cher attended Somers Park Primary School and Dyson Perrins senior school, before starting her sixth form study in The Chase.  Cher has since gone on to record her first album, featuring a number of tracks in which she has collaborated with a variety of guest artists. On the 11th January 2012 Cher announced her engagement to hairdresser boyfriend, Craig Monk. Cher's second album was released on 27th May 2014 and went on to receive overwhemingly positive reviews.

During interview on BBC's Panorama aired on 6th February 2012, Cher tearfully describes her fear of cyber bullies.

During a previous television interview, she stated that she would "put Malvern on the map", so if you have stumbled upon this page without knowing anything about Malvern, then it has worked!

In 2014, Cher released her second studio album "Sorry I'm Late", before later signing a new deal with the Universal Music Group and started working on her third studio album. In 2016, Cher stated that her new album was almost finished and later in the year released "Activated" on social media. After accouncing that she has signed to ie:music in 2017, she went on to release singles in 2018, 2019 and 2020. Although her third album is yet to be released. 

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