You are a short walk from Great Malvern shops, parks, heritage buildings and the Malvern Hills with amazing walks and views.

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As you exit the car park, turn right and walk down to the main road. Note the Unicorn Inn on your right. This was a 16th century staging post and thought to be the oldest building in Great Malvern. 

Turn right at the Unicorn Inn. Across the road you will see an island at the intersection of three roads. This is Belle Vue Island.  To find out more about this area and also directions to walk to the hills click here.

If you are looking for the other shops, cross the road and walk down Church Street.  This is the main shopping street in Great Malvern. As you walk down the hill you will see the Tourist Information Centre on your left and Great Malvern Priory on your left.

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You will find more information on the District Council run car parks in this region here.

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