This will guide you from the junction of Priory Road and Avenue Road, through the parks and open spaces of Great Malvern, up to the hills.

  1. Turn left into Priory Road.
  2. On your left you will see pay and display car parks and on your right you will see red railings in front of the Malvern Splash Leisure Complex, a pubic swimming pool & gym.
  3. Walk through the gates of the Splash and up the ramp on the right of the entrance. This will take you into Priory Park. The Malvern Council House is straight in front of you.
  4. Take the path to the left along the white railings towards the enormous old tree. Continue to follow the path round to the left and then cross over the pond using the wooden bridge.
  5. You will see the historic bandstand to your left and the children's playground further to your left. Continue towards, and then in front of, the large white building ahead of you - this is Malvern Theatres where you can also find refreshments.
  6. The path will reach a T-junction near a small stream section of the Park - turn right.
  7. Cross the vehicle access area to the narrow path to the right of the green railings.
  8. Follow this path as it curves right and then up to a gate onto Grange Road.
  9. When you reach the road, look over the road to your right and you will see a narrow alleyway. Cross the road and walk up this alley towards Great Malvern Priory.
  10. Follow the path to the front of the Priory. To continue the walking route up to the hills, walk to the stone gate posts with the blue gates on Church Street and then click here

Click here to for a map of the route to the hills.

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