The name of Malvern Link is thought to have been in existence since at least the 13th Century. This name may have come about because it was the place people would link up extra horses to pull them up the hill. Alternatively, the name "Link" could have originated from an old English word meaning ridge.

An ancient stone, called the "Link Stone", already noted as old in 1584, was used as a boundary marker at Link Top.  This stone now sits in St Matthias churchyard. 

Malvern Link benefited from growth associated with the growth of Great Malvern as a spa town. When the Malvern Link Railway Station was opened in 1859, a year before the station at Great Malvern, the Link saw a big growth in population. Unfortunately the Victorian aspects of this station have now been lost.

One of the large Malvern state secondary schools, Dyson Perrins C of E Academy, is located in Malvern Link.  This school was named after Charles William Dyson Perrins, a local philanthropist and grandson of the Perrins who invented Worcestershire sauce.

Several very successful companies are based in Malvern Link including.

  • Morgan Motor Cars, one of the few remaining British Car manufacturers
  • English Braids, one of the best known specialist rope manufacturers
  • Chance Glass Ltd, now a provider of specialist glass products but since 1824 was a pioneers of glass manufacturing technology in the UK and used to be the largest manufacturer of glassware in the UK.