Malvern Beacon would like to thank the many people who have have written leaflets and books about Malvern, and supported the QR Code project that is now underway. We would also like to thank the numerous people who have given their time to tell us about different aspects of this wonderful place.

View through Flora

In particular we acknowledge the following:

  • The Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty for a grant to start the QR code project.
  • Peter Smith of the Malvern Civic Society and expert on Music in Malvern.
  • Dudley Brook, the Malvern Civic Society's town tour guide and expert on trees.
  • The Malvern Hills District Council for supporting the QR Code initiative as part of the Route to the Hills project.
  • Rob Havard, Conservation Officer, Malvern Hills Conservators
  • Richard Bryant, Geology expert from the Earth Heritage Trust
  • Ray Roberts, Spa Association
  • Cora Weaver, author of numerous leaflets about the town and surroundings.
  • Amanda Simons, author of British Camp Herefordshire Beacon.
  • David Coop, author of The Lyttelton.
  • DJ Young, author of The Story of the Malvern Council House
  • Katherine Wells, author of Tour of Great Malvern Priory

Many of these books and leaflets are available to buy at the Tourist Information Centre, The Priory gift shopThe Lyttelton WellThe Malvern Museum and Front Page.