This exhibition, entitled The Village,is a temporary installation on the Malvern Hills created by local artist Herdi Ali Kardi.

Herdi was born in Kurdistan, northern Iraq and this project was inspired by the local terrain that is similar to the landscape of Kurdistan; the miniature houses are symbolic of Herdi’s home village; Herdi grew up during the regime of terror inflicted under the rule of Saddam Hussain who repeatedly attacked the Kurdish people.

Herdi says ‘I am from a generation which experienced the violation of war and horrific tragedies of genocide.  This has had a strong impact on my artwork and is imbedded in my thoughts to fight against the darkness of brutality’.
‘My work demonstrates memories of war and life experience, observations, trials, injustice, persecution and suffering of human beings in Kurdish society’.

Herdi survived the conflict partly due to the location of his village which was built into the rocks of a hillside over 5000 years ago; The inaccessibility of their village protected the Kurdish people although some of the houses suffered bomb damage during Saddam’s reign.

Herdi’s installation is a tribute to the remarkable spirit of the Kurdish people and the landscape that protected them – a landscape similar to the Malvern Hills that Herdi now cherishes.

Herdi came to England in 2002 and is currently studying Fine Art at the University of Gloucestershire.  Herdi has previously exhibited in Iraq, Japan and at various venues in UK.

The exhibition has been granted permission by the Malvern Hills Conservators.  For more information please contact the Conservators at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or please see Herdi’s website

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