The map shows the location of garages selling petrol and diesel in Malvern.  Click on a marker to obtain the name, address and phone number of a particular garage.  The table on the left shows the latest fuel prices that we have obtained (although we cannot guarantee their accuracy, so please use this only as a guide).

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Petrol Prices

Last updated 22nd March 2017.

Unleaded petrol and diesel fuel prices.

Ordered driving from north to south.

Petrol Station UL(p) DS(p)
• Morrisons 115.9 117.9
• Texaco, Malvern Springs 117.9 119.9
• BP, Sunnylodge 117.9 119.9
• P.J. Nicholls 116.9 119.9
• Texaco (A D Daniels) Wells Road 119.9 121.9

This table should only be used as a guide. Please contact the petrol stations directly to confirm their prices.